All Instrumenents are in "as is" condition...they are in VERY good condition considering their age... but these were working Instruments.... they bear the wear and small marks of everyday life and actual playing... nothing's been retouched on them... But you couldn't say they were "Mint". You can say "one owner"... if anything I've gone out of my way to document any thing that might be considered a flaw. I may post o video of them actually being played which would give you an idea of their sound. The Gibson surprised me! The Amplifier plays but it has sat a long time and would enjoy a trip to your favorite Fender Amp guy just to check it out. It doesn't have the Tremelo switch. Feel free to email me any questions you might have or if there's a picture of something more specific than I've shown here. It's hard for me to tell but the Martin might have been refinished at some point... hard to tell by the way it's worn. They've been cleaned up a little but only a really qualified Luthier or Repairman should do anything further.
I've given attribution to Leo's son Gary for photo copyrights...if you know the source for any photos here being attributed to a particular photographer or other party... I'd be happy to credit them.
Still gigging in 1970 with the same pickup! A sweet Gibson sunburst Mandolin and a Fender black faced Deluxe amp.
All Photos ©2017 Gary Raley