Born April 1st, 1913 in Bayport Texas, Leo Raley was possibly the first professional musician to record with an electric mandolin. He played with Cliff Brunner and Floyd Tillman and is right in the historical run up for the beginning of Texas Swing. His Mandolins and memorabilia are fascinating. I'm offering his personal collection for sale as well as a hardbound book of his memorabilia. 1965 Gibson Model A5 (serial #65041) 1947-48 Martin Mandolin, model 2-15 (serial # 18333) 1965 Fender Black Face deluxe Amp (serial # AB763 Production #2 Stamp-OF) As well as the original Mandolin pickup made by Ted Daffan in the time frame of 1935-1936 See the instruments and Photos section for more information. The family would like the collection to go to one buyer and are not interested in splitting it up. please contact me at the email address above for details! Please check out the Photos and Instrument pages for tons of pics.
The Raley brothers Leo, Randall (Red) and Darold - circa 1935-1936 (note the pickup!)
With Cliff Brunner.... including Moon Mulican, his brother "Red" on acoustic guitar and Bob Dunn on Lap Steel!
Still gigging in 1970 with the same pickup! A sweet Gibson sunburst Mandolin and a Fender black faced Deluxe amp.
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