These are the first shots taken of the Mandolin... coming right out of the case for the first time in years.... the Mandolin is dusty and the sharpening of the camera brings out every piece of dust... but you get to see all the details as I found them... Not as many interesting things in the Martin case (it's more form fitting)... It has wear consistant with a "working man's" instrument but not bad for a 64 year old Mandolin!
This is the studio shot.... following are the detail shots.
Fresh out of the van and ready to be appraised.
Ah yes the famous predecessor to Duct tape... ELECTRICAL Tape.
Ooh... purple! A tight little case.
A little dusty and some schumtzsy tarnish on the metal parts.
Little wood appliques appear to be just for decoration... not hiding any cracks as far as interior mirrors
can see... I guess they are just for ornamentation.
Hard to say whether it's been refinished or has just worn oddly. Tuners cleaned up... just a little
salt air residue.
Reflections abound! Looks like the original bridge and putty to hold on a Dean Markley contact pickup.
I haven't tried to remove it... leaving it all as I found it.
It's plain looks are deceiving...there's some pretty wood here!
Looks like the bridge is a little out of position... ebony bridge and saddle?
Close up of neck joint.
Tailpiece and Mandolin bottom.
Wear (rub) mark on bottom of Mandolin.
Headstock with 1948 Martin Logo.
Neck and back have some pretty figuring!
Neck wear and detail.... a very pretty little neck!
Finish is a little rough up towards the neck heel... but check out that back!
Other side of neck joint.
Dean Markley contact pickup.... 1970's?
I'm afraid to touch it... but yes the putty is still on there.
As they would say at the Fender Custom shop... "Mojo".
All Photos ©2017 Gary Raley