Leo's instruments have been cleaned up a little... but any signs of "authenticness" have been left in place. The cases and their contents have been left intact as well... some people will probably think that's "junky" looking... but it is what it is... a perfect snapshot of a Musician and his Instrument.
1965 Gibson A5 Mandolin with mid-thirties Ted Daffan pickup.
Gibson case with gold badge.
Some wearing on the case locks.
Here too.
Gold Logo detail on Case.
Case still has all his gig ephemera. Strings, set listd, picks, a whistle... some personal correspondence,
a pen from a "package store", obituary clippings for Milton Brown and Moon Mullican... just as he left it.
Close up of Mandolin in case.
There's an original set of black Diamond stings in there.
Original fitting with what looks like a newer cord... maybe the '60s?
The dang flash on the camera is not helping again!.
Label and Rosette detail.
This shows the volume control a little better... adjustable bridge has brass or gold height adjust wheels.
Front side of headstock with Flower Pot above the middle of the keys... Truss rod cover.
Orifginal Tuning keys... black paint on underside of headstock... discoloration on keys.
Figured two-piece back... you can seesome wear on the underside of the neck up by the headstock.
Cutaway detail.
Small dent in top, between bridge and Tailpiece. Screw on contact for 1/4 inch cable and jack.
Close up of the pickup with a small metallic crest thingee with the initials H/R. You can see the Orange
Gibson label in the distance. As you can see in the Band Photos the pickup is in all but his earliest
pictures. It had to have been made sometime between 1935-1936.
Pick wear on lower cutaway.
Two piece back with neck heel detail.
Looking towards the tailpiece... Pickup windings were wrapped at some point .
Small bit of tarnish on the pickguard connector..
Pickup and Bridge are a little clearer here.

All Photos ©2017 Gary Raley