Pictures of the Amp were taken before it was cleaned up... been sitting in a closet with it's cover on for the last 20 years. It's a clean little sucker.... Only place it shows any wear is the handle where the Fender cover doesn't protect the chrome plating. Original Blue label 10" speaker with the price tag taped to the bottom! It's missing the original footswitch... the family is looking for it.
1965 Blackface Deluxe Fender Amp
His name is stilled taped to the cover... One way to beat the mad dash out the door after a gig!
You can see some of the labels here... that is not the current price tag taped to the bottom!
Stamped Serial number on chasis. Tremelo pedal is missing.
Back of amp showing label on side, blue label on speaker and fittings.
I'm not sure my new amps are this clean inside!.
Another view of the back.

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